Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

Attempts to Solve Night Terrors> O.o

Ever since I was a little girl, I have suffered from night terrors. Still to this day I have a fear of the dark- but I blame this on the inevitable absence of light. Never the less I have tried various changes in lifestyle and routine in an attempt to tame the monsters under the bed.

What has worked for me?

  • Food=dinner? Because I work shifts and on call, I tend to have my dinner around 1 or 2am. What I found most beneficial was grapefruit, grapes, oranges and a hot mug of tea.
  • Working out before bed. I find the best way to “knock myself out” so to speak, is to work out before bed. I find it wipes me out completely and any anxiety left from the day is all through my system. The only problem is keeping a get-go playlist that I can cardio & weight to like it’s going out of style.
  • Any tv after 10pm is laid back. I’ve switched to Poirot, Marple, Perry Mason, M*A*S*H*, the Avengers and other such laid back flicks like old Sean Connery or Harrison Ford movies.
  • Making the bed just right. I have discovered that I looooove blankets and pillows like Frank loves Houlihan. You know it’s peculiar, but boy it’s worth the effort! So I’ve adopted an old 1970’s heavy untreated cotton blanket that is double the size it needs to be. The blanket must weight approximately 10lbs and is just wonderful. I have a total of four blankets on my bed with fleece sheets and three pillows all around the head board. I also have a folded fleece throw at the bottom of my bed, this keeps it all very “cabin cozy”.  I make my bed every day, no excuses. I find it makes such a big difference.
  • Night Attire: okay this one is tricky. I had to do a drastic switch. I found while camping just how much I like sleeping in my clothes. So now it’s goodbye to PJ’S, and hello to sweats. I’ve invested in four different styles of yoga wear and a fleece set. This way according to whether or not my heater is broken, I can be as comfy as can be. I also bought a Northface sweater strictly for sleeping in because it’s so darn comfy.
  • Night ambiance. The lights are turned down by 9pm and everything is very “cozy cabin fire” scene. I figure I can fake it till I make it, at least for now anyways. I turn on my brilliantly coloured electric fireplace and pour myself a glass of:
  • The Drink: I prefer tea, Earl Gray is the love of my life, not to mention the London Fog- but I’m also partial to a certain Chai Spice & Apple and Cinnamon blend. Even with coffee, decaf only after lunch unless I know it will soothe my nerves enough at work and I won’t snap at someone and beat them with a soup ladel. Oh ye, and every so often I admit, a stiff drink is in order. I’m partial to Apple Caramel Martini’s, but if you want to invest in the house rather than the local watering hole, try picking up some Sherry, Dubonet, or Brandy. They’re fab relaxants if you keep it to a glass or two.

With all of these efforts put into place and I’m sure a few others I’m forgetting, this has overall helped me with my sleep. But still, I find myself terrified to let my head hit the pillow. I know it always gets me when the night falls.


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