Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

I Dream of… wtf was that?

Something that really gets my goat is this one reoccurring -I have no idea what to call it- but I’ll attempt to explain it- for lack of a better word: incident.

I have no idea what’s going on in my sleep but I wake up to the same sound. It’s incredibly loud and sounds like glass breaking. It freaks the living hell out of me. I wake up flinging back the covers and jumping with such a start. Even the birds flying by my window slow their flight, wide eyed wondering what the hell it is I’m doing. I can’t seem to find an explanation for these strange happenings. I was even talking to the monster who I share my apartment with, Frank, and he’s puzzled too. Sometime’s I just wake up in the middle of the night to what I “think” I’m hearing and say, “What was that!?” And the monster under my bed says, “I don’t knoow.” To which I reply, “Well did you hear that?” And he says, “Go back to sleep.”

So stay tuned for the updateand research…


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