Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

Research: Loud

Sleep by Conjure One

Well, I’ve been researching what dreaming of loud noises could possibly mean and so far this is what I’ve come up with:

Pay attention to the context of and intention behind whatever is loud. Some sample meanings include:

  • Exaggerated, such as someone making an extra effort
  • Anger or intense emotion
  • Importance or urgency
  • Aggressiveness or intrusion into your personal space, such as someone encroaching on your personal boundaries or integrity

Loud and/or peculiar noises heard in a dream portend domestic dissension, unless the noise actually woke you up, in which case you can expect a change for the better.

Human beings have two ancient primal fears: fear of falling, and fear of loud noises.

Broken glass predicts a change in your life in some way, shape, or form, and it may, or may not be, beneficial for you. If the broken glass sparkles in the light then the change will be for the better and, if not, it will be for the worse. Drinking from, or seeing, sparkling glassware is very good luck for the dreamer.

If you hear a loud crash, such as the percussion sound of a drum or cymbals, that is a warning to calm your environment down in order to control your nerves.


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