Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

Yes or No, I don’t know if I have night terrors?

Here is a checklist of some things you would look for if you are exploring the possiblity of having night terrors:

1. Do you get up in the night with a loud cry or scream of intense fear?

2. Do you perform any actions that could put you or another person in danger?

3. Is it hard for someone else to wake you up?

4. Are you very confused when you do wake up?

5. Is it hard for you to remember what took place?

If your answer to the first question and at least one of the others is yes, then you might have night terrors.

It is also important to know if there is something else that is causing your sleep problems. They may be a result of one of the following:

* Another sleep disorder
* A medical condition
* Medication use
* A mental health disorder
* Substance abuse


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