Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

Nothing is as it seems…

Lately the new and improved nightmare, which I call nightmare 2.0 starts off as something normal-even delightful. But without reason it abruptly turns alarming and gorey. The colours in the dream and bright, light and refreshing. The sun is out, the birds are singing and I feel as though I am on a wonderful adventure- until…

The sun is still out, the birds are still singing but terrible feelings begin to loom and I can feel a sharp sense of danger before the vision finally appears. Lately it has been a person, although I don’t actually know them. I can only assume my mind has conjured up an appearance based on things I commonly associate with discomfort in physical traits. Regardless, knowing that does not take away from the burning sensation of alarm and feeling trapped. In my dreams I feel as though my screams and actions are of no consequense and someone I love dearly is murdered and left in a place that clearly represents aloneness- all before I can even grasp what parts of my dreams are hinting at danger.

These nightmare’s 2.0 are certainly speedy, heck they’ve picked up the pace faster than a bad Nora Roberts novel. Anyways, what causes these abrupt changes I wonder.- what could it be representing in my life, what is it symbolizing that I can’t see?- (if anything). I suppose a little research is in order…


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