Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

Alice be Dead

Well these last two nights have brought on very peculiar dreams… One in particular I will name “Alice be Dead”… I think… The phrase kept on repeating itself in my dream, but it was not a death threat, it was a description of how things felt in my dream. I vaguely remember it all but there are some creepy things that stick out. The first is the unknown gendered person with the shaved head, gaunt and dark eyes and deathly pale like they were dieing. They were very thin and the eyes were so pale…. It was like this unknown peron was some sort of ghost. It accompanied me through my walk in the wild and when I would be unsure of my sorroundings and search for the spiritual being accompanying me they would be doing something incredibly creepy. Many times when I looked at the apparition they were wearing a skull over their own head like a mask. Another time I glanced over, they had an animal mask over themselves. It wore an oversized fur coat, the fur was grey, black and white. In fact now that I am recalling this all, I am remembering that everything in the dream was mostly grayscale. But anything that was lighter or white, was a kind of a hazy glow. I remember being out in the wild, exploring, not searching, but unsure of what I was doing. I felt like there was a story being told in my dream, but what I don’t remember. The feelings in the dream were distress, fear, anxiety, curiosity and I was cold. so cold. Talk about distress, what does it all mean?


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