Documenting & Researching Night Terrors

Sweet Dreams *woot* *woot*

Well I have some good news to report!- I had sweet dreams last night, even after a very stressfull day, you know with falling off that cliff and all that.

I fell asleep with my laptop facing me from my desk with my Scooby Doo Scariest Capers Video playing. I started with Hassle in the Castle, and was asleep by the time they found out it was Bluestone the Great who did it. This was around 2am, and I slept quite a mighty sleep until 12noon. I remembered my dreams when I awoke, but now at the present time, I can’t remember. I do know however that they were not scary or frightening, but rather quite nice. This is because I remember waking up with some good feelings. I was however woken by a wretched noise that once your awake does not seem wretched, but when your sensitive to atmosphere in your sleep it can be quite overpowering and put you on edge until you put together what is going on; which I should mention can be a good 20min later.

Truthfully I was expecting to have a horrible sleep last night as I followed through with all the faux-pas of having night terrors, but yet I was shocked! I had 2eggs and 2pieces of toast about two hours before bed, (so about 12midnight), I was extremely tired and physically exhausted, and had a very trying day. And yet, I slept marvelously!

I was thinking of starting  a support group for people who suffer from parasomnia. I’m unsure of how I would do this but it’s a thought in process.


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