Documenting & Researching Night Terrors


Sometimes when we dream, the details are not only specific but a little spooky too.

I had a terrible night last night. I had gone to bed around 1:00am and woke around 5:30am or 6am?- I just remember it was first light. It felt like I had been dreaming hours and hours though. I had a dream that started off well enough and then without warning began to spiral out of control.

I was viewing a home with two other female friends when all of a sudden there was this urgency to leave. Something terrible was going to happen and I could feel it. I didn’t leave through the front doors and since I was in a refinished basement I didn’t dare go upstairs either. I looked around for my other two friends so we could leave together and it was like I had an all seeing being guiding me who said, “They’ve already left. They escaped through the window.” I had this sense of panic and extreme urgency to leave. I also had terrible feelings that if I was to leave the room I was in I would bump into someone who intended to harm me and this made me very fearful. This is strange however because I can’t think of anything that represents this thing in my dream except for the devil. I began seeing flashes of this “thing” that was evil, a non-gendered morbid looking person with white eyes and very ice blue iris. It was dressed like a person and for the most part resemled a person but had it’s mouth open and was growling and seething. It throwing open doors, scratching at the walls, knocking things over, searching. I don’t know what it was searching for but it was on a rampage and I had to get out. I eventually climbed up onto a high ledge which was very nerve wrecking because I kept on falling everytime I got up there. It was kind of like a bay window that started 6feet off the ground. Except the ledge was built out from the wall made up of glass and beams. I was so terrified of it cracking because that meant I couldn’t reach the window and escape. The fear and intensity grew and grew. I could feel my heart pumping and raging like it was going to rip out of my chest. The window was a flip window and I pushed it open and finally escaped in the end; running into the yard. My dream flashed out at this point and I know it continued but I only remember the most terrifying parts.

The entire time though, I was having a “mind” conversation with this thing. It was arguing with me about something. I don’t know what. It kept on repeating over and over about how stupid I was to argue with it, I would never get away. It had been here for over 602 years, how dare I challenge it. Well I’ve been researching what’s happened now and 602 years ago (1408) and honestly I am a little stumped. What do these numbers mean and why would I be dreaming about them specifically? Anyways, I awoke totally creeped out and went for a walk around my place to cool off.



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